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BNNano and Ruhl Strategic Partners Align for Nanotube Market Growth

CARY, NC - BNNano, a Boron Nitride Nanotube manufacturer of the NanoBarb™ has entered into an agreement with business development and advisory firm Ruhl Strategic Partners. Ruhl has become an investor in BNNano and will define, initiate, and execute key industry partnerships to accelerate market adoption of BNNano materials and achieve sustainable growth.

Boron Nitride Nanotubes are small hollow tubes with diameters of just 5 to 20 nm. They exhibit exceptional physical and chemical properties. Most noteworthy, they possess super-high strength and stiffness, ultra-high thermal conductivity and electrically insulative, neutron absorbing and other positive chemically stable characteristics. “For these reasons, there is significant application potential and interest across a variety of industries for our nano materials.”, stated Steve Wilcenski, Founder and CEO – BNNano.“Our NanoBarbs are easy to use, requiring no advanced chemistry or handling. Also, there is a consistent supply by virtue of our high-quality, high-purity production process. Finally, we have achieved a cost advantage through our production process, expanding the accessible applications for our materials.”, said Wilcenski.

“Boron Nitride nanotubes are mechanically similar to carbon nanotubes but with key favorable attributes, like electrically insulating and absorbing of radiation.”, stated Adam Harms, Managing Partner – Ruhl Strategic Partners. “We are excited to partner with and invest in BNNano to identify unmet market needs and leverage our ecosystem of industry partners to uncover opportunities to propose nano materials as a solution. This will be key to overcoming barriers to market entry, enabling and accelerating transformational growth.”

NanoBarbs are commercially available in powders, resins, plastics, and filaments. With so many promising applications, across various markets, the opportunities for growth are very attractive. “We look forward to working with Ruhl to exploit their strategic acumen to pursue the right market activities to advance the proliferation of this innovative material.”, said Wilcenski.


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