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BNNano, Inc. Announces the Availability of NanoBarb™ Epoxy Concentrate

May 10, 2019 – Burlington, North Carolina: BNNano, Inc. announces the availability of NanoBarb™ Epoxy Concentrate, a concentrated premix of Boron Nitride NanoBarbs™ in a general purpose unmodified liquid epoxy resin.

“We continue to listen to what the market needs and work to provide nanotubes in flexible formats that can simply drop in to existing processes, thereby driving faster adoption of this super material,” said Jason Taylor, CTO of BNNano, Inc.

BNNano has developed a process to manufacture this advanced material at industrial volumes, high purity, and low cost. Additionally, BNNano has created a unique, patent-pending, morphology of Boron-Nitride Nanotubes called a NanoBarb™. Boron-Nitride NanoBarbs™ deliver unprecedented benefits and characteristics for the users of high-performance materials and have enhanced mechanical, thermal and electrical properties that outperform single wall carbon nanotubes.

NanoBarb™ Epoxy Concentrate enables the delivery of this super material in a versatile form. It can be used as a stand-alone epoxy or diluted into other epoxies and resins to deliver the NanoBarbs™ and the associated property enhancements they bring. Applications include coatings, adhesives, sealants, and carbon and glass fiber composites.

BNNano is currently the only company in the world that can offer grams to kilograms of boron nitride Nanotubes and NanoBarbs™.

About BNNano, Inc.

BNNano, Inc. delivers boron-nitride nanotubes and NanoBarbs™ to a variety of markets seeking novel and innovative additive manufacturing capabilities to current and future products. The company has pioneered a patent pending manufacturing process that allows the company’s products to be delivered in low cost, at high volume and in a variety of forms: powder, pellets, filaments and resins. The nanotubes and NanoBarbs™ have exceptional characteristics in mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, hydrophobic properties and thermal conductivity. Started in 2016, the company was founded by senior scientists with a history in material science innovation. Manufacturing is located in Burlington, N.C.

To learn more about BNNano, visit their website at , or call 1.844.926.NANO (926-6266), or via email at


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