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BNNano is Growing

BNNano, the premier supplier of Boron Nitride Nano-Materials, is excited to announce that Boron Nitride Nanotube manufacturing in Burlington, North Carolina is growing consistently in 2019 with shipments of NanoBarbs™ (Enhanced Boron Nitride Nanotubes) delivered to customers around the world.

“Our production is running well, and we are preparing to expand our capacity at our Burlington facility to be able to deliver 100 kg of NanoBarbs™ in the next twelve months”, states Mark Edmond, Director of Operations.

The growth is the first phase for BNNano meeting the growing market demands. “Our customers are telling us that the quality and purity of our enhanced nanotubes is the best they have ever seen, and they are able to add our enhanced boron nitride nanotubes at significantly higher concentration levels higher than previously achieved. This feedback gives us confidence that we are on the cusp of explosive growth”, stated Steve Wilcenski, BNNano CEO.

BNNano is a nanotech solutions provider that manufactures novel materials enabling the development of disruptive applications and products. The core product, the Boron Nitride NanoBarb™, delivers vast improvements over existing Boron Nitride Nanotube solutions. The engineered irregular surface is what sets NanoBarbs™ apart, providing more beneficial chemical and physical properties than similar products. The result is a cost effective nano-material for use across dozens of industries.

For more information about the latest commercially available products please contact our sales team at , or you can visit the BNNano team at CAMX, The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, in Anaheim, CA from September 24th – 26th at booth D33; SpaceCom 2019, in Houston, TX from November 20th – 21st at booth 457; or visit the webpage at


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