NanoBarb and Nanotube Powders

Boron nitride nanotubes have become a material of significant interest due to their unique combination of physical and chemical properties. Among the desirable properties are the high thermal stability, high thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, very high strength and stiffness, and super hydrophobicity. This combination of properties makes boron nitride nanotubes an attractive material for use in wide ranging markets from aerospace to automotive and defense to biomedical.

BNNano’s proprietary manufacturing process enhances these properties and characteristics even further by nano-plating BN along the exterior surface of the nanotubes to create a NanoBarb. These NanoBarbs enhance the surface properties and characteristics to create a super-material that is well suited for a wide range of revolutionary applications.

NanoBarb Pellets

Pellets or nurdles as they are often called, are pre-production plastic resin pellets.  Essentially raw plastic before it has been made into an end use item.

NanoBarb Filaments

Made from the NanoBarb master batch. Can be manufactured as a monofilament or multi-filament yarn.

NanoBarb Resins

Formulated for easy mixing in a wide variety of resins to enhance mechanical and thermal properties for multiple applications.


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